Dog jumps over 15ft wall chasing seagull

Most dogs like to chase birds, it’s part of what being a dog is all about. However most dogs just stick to chasing pigeons in the garden. Not so for a Staffordshire bull terrier/Rottweiler cross from Edinburgh. He was chasing a seagull near the Firth of Forth, and jumped over a 15ft wall in Lower Granton Road. The dog wasn’t expecting there to be a 15ft drop the other side of the wall, and found himself stranded.

Unable to reach the dog, his owner called the Lothian and Borders fire and rescue service to come to the dog’s aid.

A spokesman for the fire department said:

The dog jumped up at the bird and went straight over the wall and down about 15ft.

His owner couldn’t reach him so called us. Our crews found a break in the wall, made their way down and led the dog back, where he was reunited with his owner.

The animal had a small cut to his mouth and was in shock but was otherwise uninjured.

If your dog chases birds, make sure they’re nowhere near any surprising drops or high walls.