Dog lover offers reward to find owner of mistreated dog

The Duchess of Hamilton has offered a reward to find the owner of an abandoned dog that a motorist found cowering on the roadside. Joanna Bowie discovered the dog near Aberdeen in Scotland, weighing less than a stone, having been dumped by its owner.

Joanna coaxed the Staffordshire bull terrier from its hiding place by offering the dog some dog biscuits.

The Duchess of Hamilton is considering adopting the dog and has offered a reward of £500 to find the owner so that they can be prosecuted.

Lady Hamilton stated:

More and more dogs are being mistreated and we do anything we can to help.

The dog was rescued by Joanna Bowie on Friday:

The dog was standing in the middle of the road, and at first I thought she had been knocked down.

I took her to work and gave her some porridge – she was starving. It was still dark when I found the dog and she could have been run over.

The owners of the local garage, Robert and Anne Pringle, have also offered money to go towards a reward for finding the owner of the dog who mistreated him. Robert Pringle stated:

It’s shocking that people can treat animals like that. It’s a horrendous thing to do.