Dog lovers offer reward to catch dog killer

A £2,200 reward has been offered to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest of the person responsible for killing a dog in Angus last week. The bulk of the reward has been raised by dog lovers in the region who were appalled at the news of the dog’s death.

The dog, a female mastiff, had been tied to a fence and left to starve to death. While the dog was tied to the fence it ate some of the soil on the ground around it.

Peta, the animal charity, offered £1,000 as a reward for anyone who helps in catching the dog killer, but local dog lovers chipped in and raised the extra to make the reward £2,200.

Ch Supt Mike Flynn said about the generosity:

It’s not just money, many people have been in touch with us to let us know how sickened they’ve been by this, it’s clearly something which has disgusted a lot of people and rightly so.

The total is now £2,200 and we’re extremely grateful to everyone who’s been in touch with their support.

Hopefully someone somewhere will come forward with information that we require to bring to justice whoever left this dog to starve to death.