Dog neutering campaign backed by Octomom Nadya Suleman

Nadya Suleman is famous for having 14 children, despite being very cash-strapped. Eight of those children came along in the same pregnancy, when she gave birth last year – earning her the nickname ‘Octomom’ by the press.

Now Nadya is using her fame to support a neutering campaign for dogs and cats, named the ‘People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals’ initiative’

Nadya is displaying a sign in her garden in California, USA, promoting neutering for animals. She has been paid $5,000 to keep the sign in her garden, approximately £3,470 – which should help pay for some of the nappies that she no doubt needs for her eight babies. The sign is three foot wide by four foot high, and reads:

‘Don’t Let Your Dog Or Cat Become An Octomom. Always Spay Or Neuter. PETA.’

Nadya decided to promote the campaign and receive payment for it after she faced eviction from her home. She has an overdue mortgage payment that her lawyer has negotiated an extension on.

She conceived her eight babies through vitro fertilisation.

In addition to the $5,000, Ms Suleman is getting a month’s supply of food from Peta, but it’s all vegan food naturally!

Nadya Suleman commented on the campaign:

I love animals and I do believe they should be spayed or neutered.

Humans of course are much different.

Amanda Fortino, from Peta, said that everyone wins from the campaign. The word about neutering cats and dogs is spread, while Ms Suleman receives help with her bills.


  • CORRECTION—She had 14 kids by invitro. All while unemployed, collecting workers comp for a supposed bad back for 10 years.

  • OMIGD…this idoit fits right in with peta….she has babies and can’t afford to feed herself…BUT that’s o k………someone should give her a lobotomy as well as tie her tubes permanently!!!!!!! I guess her 15 minutes of 15 fame wasn’t nearly enough…….hmmmmm kind of like obama….the pot calling the kettle black!!!!!!!!! Certain people should never be given a microphone!!!!!!!!!

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