Dog nominated for Hero award after staying with unconscious owner

Heather Garton, the owner of a dog named Blitzen, was relieved to hear that the pooch she re-homed managed to accompany her daughter for eight full hours following an accident while walking. The St Agnes based family are ecstatic to hear the news that Blitzen could now have a chance at claiming victory for the upcoming ‘Hero’ award. This award is part of the Dogs Trust Honours ceremony, which will determine whether or not the 17-month-old puppy will be crowned the winner.

This exciting opportunity presented itself shortly after Annie Thomas, Ms Garton’s daughter, stumbled during a lengthy walk with the clever Lurcher-Collie Cross. When Annie slipped, she fell unconscious and was only accompanied by Blitzen at the time. Being a faithful pet, Blitzen remained alongside Annie, while sharing body heat to ensure the 13-year-old girl did not face harm from the cold conditions. Apprehension and uncertainty escalated when Annie’s mother discovered that her daughter had not returned some time later.

A phone call to Devon and Cornwall Police resulted in Cornwall Search and Rescue Volunteers flocking to the surrounding areas for an in-depth hunt. Soon after the clock struck midnight, Blitzen was noticeable from the rescue team’s torch. Despite Annie enduring two days in hospital, Blitzen’s protective manner prevented further damage from being inflicted on the teenager. To highlight his efforts and bravery for the incident, the canine will now attend the Dogs Trust Honours event in the city of London on 21st May 2012, where Deborah Meaden will reveal the name of the champion.