Dog obedience training

If you have a very naughty or unruly dog, it can be quite stressful trying to train them yourself. You will need to have the patience of a saint and lots of time to invest in training a stubborn dog. You may find that, despite having exhausted all of the dog training books in the local library and having read up on all of the internet advice that you can find, you still need some additional help.

Thinking about dog obedience classes can be scary, especially if you are worried about controlling your pet alongside all of the other dogs that need training. However, dog training classes can be very beneficial, giving you the confidence to take your dog out in public knowing they will behave. Such classes can also teach you the basics to build on in your own home, such as general training techniques in teaching your dog to heel, sit, or wait.

There are many organisations that offer dog training. A one on one class can be very expensive, but group training sessions can still be very beneficial for your dog. It will help your dog to socialise with other dogs and you can also get tips from fellow dog owners and share support. To find the right class for you, try to attend lessons beforehand without your dog and get a feel for how the trainers work and whether you will enjoy the lessons as well. Remember that training could actually be fun for both you and your dog, providing a strong bonding experience.