Tilly, who is a Border Collie mixed with a German Shepherd, was recently taken in by Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in search of a new home. Despite Tilly’s energetic personality, she has managed to pile on the pounds over the years and this weight gain has resulted in the 10-year-old being double her ideal body weight. Her weight is proving to be a significant health concern and this is what captured the attention of Bryan and Julie Davies.

The Davieses, a couple from the Luton area, were browsing the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home website one day when their gaze was drawn toward overweight Tilly. Noticing that the dog needed some assistance to lose weight in a caring home, the couple took a leap of faith and adopted her. The adoption would see Tilly enter a new home with another two dogs, Rhea and Kelsea. Rhea is nine months old and is a Border Collie, while Kelsea is a Border Collie and Spaniel cross, aged four.

These energetic dogs proved to be the perfect companion for Tilly and their adventurous personalities can only help Tilly to lose weight, the couple believes. Speaking about the decision, Bryan said:

“We’re sure that with the help of Rhea and Kelsea, we can get Tilly to a much healthier weight.”

It is not just the company that will help Tilly to live a healthier lifestyle though, because Bryan and Julie also own a 100ft long garden. The fitted doggy obstacle course is sure to keep the rescued dog happy and healthy for many years to come.