Dog owner tracks down stolen puppies after receiving tip-off

A 40-year-old dog owner from Pudsey was left heartbroken after two Alsatian bitches were snatched from her home.

The six-month-old dogs were targeted by thieves on November 20 at Wild Grove Farm in Pudsey. To the delight of Miss Coates, however, a Facebook appeal resulted in them being tracked down to a yard in Wakefield just two days later.

A distraught Miss Coates discovered the dogs were missing at 8:00am on Thursday. She lives at the farm with her partner John, son Danny and daughter Jemma.

The Alsatians were sisters and were valued at £300 each. After the shocking discovery, posters were plastered around the streets and a Facebook appeal was shared on the social networking site. Miss Coates offered a sizeable reward for the return of both dogs. This caught the attention of many people in the local area and beyond. Luckily, someone provided a tip-off relating to the disappearance of the puppies shortly afterwards.

Following the night-time raid, thieves abandoned the dogs at a nearby scrapyard. Despite their ordeal, they were found in good health and have since been fitted with microchips. These will help them be reunited with their owner in the event of a future predicament.

Speaking about the controversy, Miss Coates said:

“We are so happy to get them back and we want to thank everyone who has helped. It is absolutely fantastic.”

Police are now investigating the incident in the hope of tracking down the criminals.