Dog paints art and sells work

They say that art is subjective, but one new artist is challenging the perceptions of art lovers everywhere with his abstract work. The reason this new artist is creating such a stir is simple; he’s a dog.

Ziggy is a three-year-old Pekingese and he’s been ‘painting’ for the last two years. Unlike many artists, including Picasso, Ziggy isn’t poor. Ziggy’s art is selling for up £171 per painting to art lovers and collectors.

Naturally Ziggy is from the USA, living in Falbrook with his owner, Elizabeth Monacelli. Ziggy paints his canvas paintings by biting into a paintbrush and ‘painting’ his masterpieces on canvas.

Elizabeth even claims that Ziggy is prone to bouts of artist’s block sometimes:

He enjoys painting but has to be in the right frame of mind for it

He’ll go for a while then just roll himself into a little ball and start snoring.

Or he wanders off looking for snacks.

Does your dog have any artistic tendencies?


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