Dog puppy scam cons couple out of two hundred pounds

british-bulldogA couple were so desperate to find a puppy that they agreed to take a bulldog puppy that they saw in an advert on a website. The puppy, named Holly (pictured right), was advertised as needing a home and was set to cost the couple £200.

The couple, Karen and John McGuiness, paid the £200 for the puppy to be shipped up to their home in Edinburgh through a special pet courier company, however the dog never arrived. The so called courier company then attempted to get the couple to pay a further £150 so the dog could stop in a hotel room on its way up to Edinburgh.

Sadly, there was no dog and the advert, and courier company, were simply scamming the couple out of as much money as they could.

Karen has only recently overcome her struggle with breast cancer, and dearly wanted the bulldog puppy. She stated:

They told me the dog had become anxious so they stopped off at a hotel for the night.

They said I would have to pay £150 for the hotel and when I refused the guy pleaded with me saying if I didn’t pay it he would get fired.

Pet owners are advised to steer clear of online adverts such as these and only use bonafide dog breeders when they wish to purchase pedigree dogs. A spokesperson for the police added:

These scams can involve pets to tug at the heart strings.