Dog rehomed by man who rescued her after crash

Wendy, a Bichon Frise-Jack Russell cross, is lucky to be alive following a collision with a vehicle in July of this year. After Wendy was struck by the moving car on Winterstoke Road in Weston-Super-Mare, local resident Dan Wells came to the rescue. As the tragedy began to unravel, Wells drove past the scene of the accident and, with some help, chose to halt the moving traffic so that the unfortunate Wendy would endure no more harm.

Had Wells been traveling along Winterstoke Road a few minutes prior to the accident, or after it, the canine may have lost her life. On the dramatic day in July, Dan Wells was not the only person who felt the need to assist Wendy because Sam Baker, 17, and Jack Insall, 16, both assisted in preventing a flow of traffic and, after doing so, cradled Wendy carefully. Moved by the sight of what was unfolding before his eyes, Wells took it upon himself to drive Wendy and the two young boys to a nearby vet.

Following an examination, it was determined that Wendy had suffered life-threatening injuries, which meant that she required large quantities of oxygen and head-wound care. Thanks to the swift assistance of staff members at Axe Valley Vets, Wendy was able to recover successfully while in the company of Sue Sparrow, who is a volunteer for the charity Dogsfriends. During the recovery process, 35-year-old Wells stayed in contact with the charity. This then enabled him and his wife Tammie to adopt Wendy, who has now recovered perfectly and is enjoying her loving home.


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