Dog risks his life to save another dog

Everyone knows that dogs are extremely loyal to their owners, but they’re also loyal to other dogs as well, as a dog from Chile showed recently when he risked his life to drag his friend to safety on a busy motorway.

The daring attempt at a rescue was filmed on CCTV and then broadcast on television in Chile. The brave dog risks his life, narrowly avoiding being hit by passing cars, to rescue the wounded dog that had been hit by traffic.

The sad thing is that not a single motorist stopped to help the dog as he dragged his wounded friend to safety. Unfortunately, the dog that was injured didn’t survive, and the brave dog that performed heroics ran away, and has not been found since, despite hundreds of viewers of the video wanting to adopt him.

The video shows the bravery of the dog, and the voiceover reads:

“These images seen from the surveillance cameras show a very common situation with our overpopulated highways.

“It is normal for us to see dogs run over. In the video, we can see this dog fighting for his life because he was run over by the vehicle.

“What is very touching is to see the very heroic actions of this other dog who is trying to pull him to the side of the highway.

“We are going to keep seeing things like this until we find a solution to the dogs living on the streets.”