Dog salon opened in Gloucestershire

Debbie Caswell, a former Gloucestershire Constabulary police worker has decided, after 18 years, to swap helping take criminals out for drying dogs instead, since starting up a salon for dog grooming.

Debbie decided to open up her dog grooming business after accepting voluntary redundancy early this year.

The redundancy money came in handy when starting the business adventure and Debbie now grooms around six dogs each day, including many police specialist search dogs as well.

Debbie, aged 47 spoke of her business, saying:

“While working at the dog section I completed a kennel management course and it has always been a dream of mine to go into the dog grooming business,

“I was offered voluntary redundancy so I knew that this was my chance to fulfil my dream. I accepted the offer and left the constabulary.”

Debbie spent nine of her 18 years with the police working as an administration assistant in the dog section, so is well used to the animals. She completed a course after a month which included feeding, handling training and generally taking care of the dogs.

Debbie has one employee, named Julie, who has spent 30 years grooming dogs, so between them, they have the knowledge and experience to do a good job.

The two will groom a variety of different dog breeds and the prices can range from as little as £20 to around the £48 mark. The cost will all depend on the condition the dog’s coat is in and also the size of the dog.