Dog saved from cliff fall by narrow ledge

They say that cats have nine lives, but some dogs are lucky as well. Buster the Labrador is certainly a lucky dog as he had a narrow escape after falling over a cliff face, which had a steep 200 ft drop. The cliff was located in Dorset, and is near the Man O’ War Bay.

The dog’s owner was relieved to see that Buster had landed on a narrow ledge just below the cliff top, instead of plummeting the 200 ft to the sea and rocks below. He rushed to a campsite in Durdle Door to ask for some rope to try and rescue his dog, which alerted the coastguard.

They then dispatched a rescue team to retrieve the dog and haul him to safety.

Buster had a very lucky escape, as it could have been much worse for the three-year-old Labrador. Dog owners are advised to always keep their dogs on a lead when they’re near a cliff edge, and if something like this should happen, don’t attempt a rescue yourself.