Dog saves family by attacking burglars

We wrote a list recently about the top five dogs to have as guard dogs – maybe we should add Staffordshire bull terrier to the list now too. A Staffie named Alfie recently saved his family from armed masked intruders, who were intent on robbing them in their own home, by leaping into action, armed only with his teeth and a tenacity that couldn’t be suppressed.

AlfieAlfie, at just four years of age, attacked the armed intruders when they broke into his family’s home in Winstanley, Wigan. The armed intruders got more than they bargained for when they came barging into the home, waving guns around, as the dog immediately went for one of them, biting him in the leg and refusing to let go. The armed man then hit the dog several times with the butt of his gun, before 22 year old Carly attempted to help Alfie. She herself was clubbed over the head for her troubles, as one of the intruders knocked her to the floor, causing a gash in her head.

This merely spurred Alfie on as he bit harder into the man’s leg, causing him and his fellow robbers to flee. Not content with dispatching the armed men, the dog then gave chase and brought one of the men down in the garden, dragging him across the lawn. The armed man dropped his gun and wrestled with the very angry dog, before managing to escape and flee.

Carly commented on the moment the men entered her house and her dog attacked them:

“As soon as I saw them hit him I just reacted and wanted to help him.”

“Alfie’s usually really soft, but he wouldn’t let him get away. He was brilliant and forced him to drop the gun.”

“My head’s OK now, it’s just a bit sore. He hit it quite hard.”

Police in Wigan are appealing for information concerning the attempted robbery, which occurred on Friday 10th September at 10:30pm.


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