Dog saves family from fire

One abused dog was rescued by his family and this week he returned the favour.

Early on Thursday morning, Jeter, a Great Pyrenees dog alerted his family to a morning fire in their home and saved the life of his owner and her 19 year old son.

The dog’s owner, Glenda Moss, had fallen asleep in the living room of her home in Ohio, when Jeter, in Ms Moss’ words:

“was right up in my face, all over me.  I tried to shove him away, then I smelled the smoke.”

Ms Moss ran to wake up her son David and the two escaped through the front door with the 120 pound Jeter just behind them.  But then:

“For some reason, (Jeter) turned around and went back in the house.”

Ms Moss stepped back in the house briefly to see if she could find Jeter.

“I couldn’t see him. It was so smoky, I couldn’t find him, so I had to come back out.  He’d had such a tough time. He’d been starved, beaten and abused.  My dog was just amazing.”

Jeter, the Great Pyrenees dog had lived with Ms Moss and her family for around three years and had been named after Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees shortstop.

Firefighters confirmed that the fire had started in the garage, spreading into the house and causing serious damage to two cars and the house.  The damage was estimated at around $90,000 and the cause is being investigated.  Other than the dog, there were no smoke detectors.

The family is distraught at the loss of their beloved dog who certainly repaid their kindness.