Dog sells paintings for more than one thousand pounds each!

Sam the dog artistWe all think that our dogs are special, extremely talented and one in a million. Dog owner Mary Stadelbacher can hold extra claim to that belief as her dog, Sam, isn’t just her adorable family pet, he’s a successful artist in his own right. Sam, the dog, paints his works of art by holding his paintbrush in his mouth and letting his muse inspire him.

Sam has 22 different works of art in his collection, and has sold many of them for over £1,000 each.

Obviously, Sam is in the USA, Maryland to be precise.

His owner, Mary Stadelbacher, is one of his biggest fans and she enthused about his work:

Sam is a regular renaissance dog and his abstract paintings are all the rage with the hip New York galleries.

He loves his painting and would happily carry on for hours if I left him to it.

He loves to work in a variety of colours and layers his paintings with darker shades first and then moves on to lighter ones later.

Sam’s muse, like all of the great artists, comes from his troubled past. Sam is a rescue dog and was taken in by Mary four years ago. Until he met Mary, owner of ‘Shore Service Dogs’, Sam had been in and out of many different dog pounds.

He had been bounced around a couple of dog pounds, so I couldn’t have that.

I took him in and intended to train him up as a fully fledged service dog.

The irony is that Mary would have moved Sam on had she been able to complete his dog training, however when she underwent an operation she lost the use of her hand for a short while, so kept Sam instead. Sam’s new found talent now helps to pay for the Shore Service Dogs.


Using his specialised training as a house-help dog, combined with my amateur art background, Sam is a fully trained artist.

He takes the paint-brush mouth piece and will approach the canvas and begin painting on the simple command of ‘paint’.

A dog isn’t the first animal to try his paw at taking on the art world, and Mary (and Sam) were inspired by other artistic animals.

I saw dolphins painting and elephants painting, so I thought why not a dog?

He has been exhibited in swanky New York galleries such as Denise Bibro’s studio and art collectors have bought his work from as far a field as Chicago.

We even had one woman buy her dog one of Sam’s paintings as a birthday present.

He is quite a unique abstract artist.

Sam isn’t the first dog to exhibit any artistic ability with a canvas, as Ziggy (the painting Pekingese) before him sold his works of art for just under £200 per painting. Does your dog have any unique ability such as that expressed by Sam?


  • Sammy’s work “Fetch a Pail of Water” is currently on display in our “Gone to the Dogs” exhibition here at Denise Bibro Fine Art in Chelsea. Please stop in if you’re in the New York City area.
    We are located at 529 West 20th Street, Suite 4W, between 10th and 11th Avenues in the Chelsea Art District.

    The show runs through Saturday, November 7th.

    Please email with any questions.

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