Dog smashes loudest bark Guinness Record

A German Shepherd in Essex has won the Guinness Book of Records title for the loudest bark in the world.

Woofing his way to the top is four year old German Shepherd Daz, a former sniffer dog whose bark reached a gigantic 108 Decibels, reportedly the same noise level as a chainsaw.

The competition for the title was fierce as Daz had to beat thirty other dogs for the title. The event was held in London at Finsbury Park.

Daz’s owner, 35 year old Peter Lucken told the Sun newspaper that Daz’s bark was worse than his bite.

Mr Lucken had kept the German Shepher when he retired from his job as a HM Revenue & Customs dog handler. He said:

“He is the loudest dog in the world, but I don’t really notice how loud he is. He used to be a working dog and sniffed for explosives but he is more a pet to me now.”

Whilst competing for the title of the loudest individual dog bark in the world, the thirty dogs as a whole reached a total of 115 decibels. This also smashed the earlier record for the loudest group bark of 111 decibels, which was held by a group of 224 dogs. That’s 30 loud dogs, I’m just glad I don’t live next door!


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