Dog survives after being shot 6 times by owner

Some people should never be allowed to own dogs again, for as long as they live, and Ohio man Lawrence Mick is one such man. This convicted criminal in the USA took it upon himself to quieten his caged dog, a German shepherd named Sarge, by shooting him with his gun. Lawrence Mick shot the caged, defenceless dog SIX times, while his friend Adam Collins also joined in the sick games.

Incredibly, the brave dog survived the vicious attack from the two assailants and is now being cared for at an animal shelter. The police were alerted by a neighbour of Lawrence Mick, Melissa Compau. She stated that the dog wasn’t being aggressive, or making a noise, and was merely sleeping in his cage before the two men began shooting at him with a .22 calibre pistol.

Lawrence Mick is in jail awaiting trial, and as an already convicted criminal (for drugs) he is facing up to five years for firing the gun. His friend in the assault, Adam Collins, didn’t contest his animal cruelty charge and will face trial next week, on 21st July.

The neighbour, Melissa Compau, was very brave to notify the police as she could have ignored the incident.

Perhaps the most incredible thing about this story, even more so than the fact that the dog survived the awful attack, was the comment by Lawrence Mick’s girlfriend. She claimed that the dog was aggressive, and defended her boyfriend stating:

“He’s not an animal abuser – he loves animals”

We hope that Lawrence Mick gets what is coming to him, and hopefully he’ll meet up with this dog one day!



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