Dog trapped in car sounds horn

During the summer you find a lot of dog related news stories of dogs being left in cars, and most of these stories don’t feature happy endings. For example, there was the story of the police officer who allowed his dogs to die in a car. Thankfully, this latest story of a dog trapped in a hot car does feature a happy ending, but no thanks to the owner.

Chocolate Labrador ‘Max’ was left in the car by his owner Donna Gardner, in Pennsylvania, USA. Donna went to do some shopping. She even came home and took her purchases into the house, forgetting that Max was still in the car in the blazing heat. Max would have had a very short time before the heat would have proved too much, and overcome him, causing him to die. However, Max wasn’t going to let that happen and proceeded to sound the car’s horn to alert his forgetful owner.

Gardner heard the sound of her car’s horn, but as she didn’t see anything outside of her window, she ignored it and carried on about her business. When Max sounded the horn for a second time, Gardner remembered that she had left the dog in the car, and went out to free him – where she found him sat in the passenger seat of the car, panting heavily. After wrapping him with wet towels, and giving him such much needed water, she took him to the vets.

On a hot day you should always be careful about leaving your dog in the car as heatstroke can come on very quickly, and a dog can die in a car in a matter of minutes. Max, and Donna Gardner, were very lucky indeed.