Dog TV commercials: Kibbles n Bits Basset

This TV advert for Kibbles n Bits dog food shows a dancing Basset intent on enjoying better dog food. Basset’s are full of character, which makes them ideal for TV commercials.

Of course, this Basset isn’t the only dancing Basset to make the TV adverts and Real Radio’s Barry the Basset shows just how it’s done as we featured some time ago. Give a Basset a name and he’ll build his own fame – Barry the Basset has his own Facebook and Twitter following and proved a real success to Real Radio.  Imagine how successful Kibbles n Bits advert might have been if their Basset had been given the same opportunities.


  • I like the dog getting down and dancing his hip motion is somthing out of this world, I too would like to see the older version of the dancing dog I belive it came out in the year 2005 if you know any site that I can download the site let me know

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