Dog TV commercials: Traveler’s Insurance

Some television commercials using dogs require the dog to do very little; others require the dog to sit or look the right way and a few, like this TV advert for Traveler’s Insurance, ask the dog to be pretty talented. He even gets the look on his face right when another dog goes past as he buries his bone!

This is a fine example of a rather boring product using a clever way to get its message across – watching a human actor just wouldn’t have been the same.


  • This was one of the best ads that I’ve seen in a long time. And to now know that the dog is actually a rescue named Chopper, I’m all the more impressed by this little guy’s talents. My girlfriend has a rescue as well, and her little guy has so much personality, too.
    I’m a huge fan of rescues.

  • Did anyone do they breed analysis on the dog that performed in the Travelers Commercials (Chopper)… he’s beautiful. I know that he is a rescue but I have a rescue that turned out to be a “designer” breed, Malti Tzu… she too is very clever, “street smart” but just a gentle and lovable as can be. She thinks she does everything for us but pay the darned bills… she is just adorable. I wish I could attach a pic!!!

  • This is the best all time advertisement. I watch it all the time. Is the cat burgler dog the same chopper as in the worried dog advertisement? Chopper is priceless. Thanks for the wonderful entertainment u have give me. Kathy

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