Dog uses dating website to find a mate

Sometimes we all find it difficult to find love, and dogs can be just the same. Perkins, a Jack Russell, has used the Internet to try and find his perfect partner after his owner got tired of his attempted advances on every female dog in the local area.

His owner, John Roberts, stated:

He is six years old, charged up and ready to go. It can get quite embarrassing when we go out. As soon as he sees a female, he is up on two legs and jumping all over them.

Perkins originally tried to find love by posting his profile in a newspaper’s lonely hearts section, but sadly he didn’t get any replies. Mr Roberts is very keen to find his stud a bitch to keep him company, so keen that the Internet has provided him with an avenue.

I have set him up his own e-mail address in case anyone wanted to apply. He’s very distressed because he’s had no messages or phone calls.

If you have a dog that’s looking for a cute stud dog like Perkins, you can email Perkins at:


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