Dog Walkers Not Picking Up The Mess-age

Those people walking their dogs who fail to pick up the dogs’ mess are being warned by councils that they are being watched and if caught, they will face a fine.

In particular, the amount of dog mess being found along Lytham Green and on the local beach is causing a real concern to Fylde Borough Council. Area patrols are now being stepped up in order to prevent further cases.

According to research, the majority of offences are taking place either in the might or in the early morning whilst it is dark. The council is now requesting that dog walkers keep their dogs on the lead when it is dark so that they can avoid missing the mess and hence failing to clean it up.

John Coombes, leader of Fylde Borough Council, said:

After hearing a number of complaints about the issue I went and had a look at the green and beach myself and agree with the public that something needs to be done. We have already invested a lot in bins for dog waste and our wardens patrol the area regularly but obviously people are not getting the message.

We have now asked for the wardens to take an extra interest in the Lytham green and beach areas and I have asked for a clean up campaign to be looked into.

I want to remind people that although they are welcome to take their dogs onto the green we will not tolerate them making a mess that everyone else has to put up with.

Under current legislation, the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 is an on the spot fine of £50. Failure to pay this fine can then result in a prosecution and a further fine of anything up to £1,000.

Most councils have dog wardens, of which Fylde has two, who work to enforce the legislation on dog control and dog mess. The two Fylde dog wardens regularly patrol the Lytham Green and beach area but it is difficult to cover all areas. Therefore, the council is asking members of the general public to inform the council if they see cases of dog fouling in order to help the wardens target offenders.

Dog mess can be a real problem and can spread disease if not cleaned up, especially in areas like the beach where children play regularly. Responsible dog owners should carry dog mess bags whenever they go out with their dogs, and if it is dark, keep their dogs on a leash to avoid missing it.