Dog whisperer business set up in Warlingham

East Surrey now has its own dog specialist service, thanks to Pat Moore, an expert in canines and their behaviour.

Moore has been known to appear on TV shows such as Animal Rescue – Live, Pet Rescue and also This Morning, to offer advice on issues surrounding canine conduct.

As well as appearing on TV, Moore has also spent time in Battersea Dogs and Cats Home as the behaviour unit manager for eight years. Recently, Moore realised he wanted to pursue other career options and left this position so he could set up his own business in Warlingham.

Mr Moore grew up in Ireland, surrounded by collie dogs, which started his love of the animals and gave him the idea of working with the animals. He has taken on a number of different courses over his time and has gained a diploma in dog behaviour.

Mr Moore said:

“I loved my work at the dogs’ home.”

“Sadly, we often got animals dumped and tied up outside, who would then be shaking with anxiety by the time we took charge of them.”

“The challenge was to very slowly build up their confidence, teach them to trust, and allow them to feel comfortable in the company of people and other dogs.”

He became so attached with one particular dog at the home that he adopted her and brought her home to his family.

The dog was named Lily and was an Australian sheepdog. Mr Moore said that Lucy was a “complicated” dog and presented him with an interesting challenge.

The animal lover is also the proud owner of a guinea pig, rabbit and a goldfish. Something that upset Moore at Battersea was when some animals were left unclaimed for over two years, purely due to the fact that prospective owners deemed them as the wrong size or colour for example.

One of the main problems with dogs, according to Pat Moore, is that their owner may misunderstand their behaviour. Some owners may then raise their voice to their dog, which may confuse the animal and possibly cause the breakdown of the relationship, or even worse, it may result in the dog becoming homeless or unwanted.

His new business venture incorporates his love of training and dog walking. He states:

“I am very excited about being able to share my wealth of knowledge and experience with dog owners.”

“The plan is to set up dog behaviour classes across the district, run consultations in people’s homes and offer dog day care and walking services.”

“I’m looking forward to being more hands-on again.”