Doggy coffee bar opens in Muswell Hill

Lisa Owen-Jones, a former marketing manager for BBC Concert Orchestra, has opened a coffee shop that caters for dogs and their owners in London.

The cafe’s proprietor made the career change due to missing her dog so much while at her former job, as she was not allowed to take her pooch to work at the BBC. However, now she can take Florence, her Wire Fox Terrier, to work every day.

Ever since her mother gave Owen-Jones the pet for Christmas they have become inseparable, but most coffee shops would not let her go in to order with her dog.

She explained to the Daily Mail:

“I was tired of waving outside coffee shops trying to get the attendant to notice us. I got tired of standing in the rain drinking my coffee, there was no reason why we couldn’t go in we just weren’t allowed. Now both humans and hounds can enjoy a nice drink and treat inside come rain or shine.”

Scooby’s Boutique Coffee Bar has proved very popular with local dog owners, with the menu including treats for canines as well as for their owners.

Flap Jack Russels, dog lollypups, and puppaccinos are just a few of the snacks Owen-Jones offers for her doggy clients. However, people do not need to own a dog to enjoy Scooby’s.

It has reportedly reached the point where some dogs refuse to walk past the cafe without going in for a treat, and recently the cafe has started hosting canine-related events.