Dogs and their attachment to their owner

When you’re at home there is a lot of attention given to your dog. However, you have to teach your dog to cope on his own when you are not there.

If you are in the same room you can teach him to be on his own whilst you are there.

Give him attention in small doses by tickling him or playing for a little while (not too long). It helps if the attention given is not just tickling but to stretch him in short sessions of ten minutes of play. The rest of the hour you should ignore him unless you need to interact with him for something else.

This way the dog is getting attention but you are in charge, and the attention is on your terms.

The reason for this short session attention is that he will cope without your attention when you are there, making it easier to cope when you are not there.

If you have an older dog and a new puppy too, and the puppy is being too boisterous then you should play with the puppy to give the older dog a rest.

Tip: Make sure your other dog has quality time with you without the puppy pushing himself forward for your attention.