Dogs and their toys

If your dog is boisterous and alert instead of tired, choose the times during the day when he is rested to train him.

Make sure that he has been to the toilet and is not distracted by anything else.

If you have a large dog that is full of energy try giving him vigorous exercise with a ball to run off some of the energy and then start him on his training.

This will help to ensure that he has a calmer mind and he will be more focused on what is expected of him.


Some dogs work harder for a game that involves a toy than they do for a food treat. Soft types of toys that can be pulled, bitten, and thrown about are the best choices.

The disadvantage of using a toy is that they are not always as easy to use as a lure or temptation. It will keep you fit as you let go of the toy and then have to get it back again.

Titbits or small pieces of food do not cause this problem. However if you have a dog that will work for toys you should use some games as a reward for training.

Tip: It may be beneficial to have a favourite toy for this purpose so it will keep your dog more interested.

Warning: do not use a ball that could be easily swallowed.