Dogs assist people with physical disabilities

For many people, living with a disability can prove to be a major burden, especially when it comes to performing everyday tasks. Despite the challenge that these individuals face on a daily basis, some very special dogs have come to assist with particular duties that can incredibly relieve the stresses for those with disabilities. A volunteer group based in Oxfordshire called ‘Dogs for the Disabled’ have managed to construct a team, without the help of any government funding.

‘Dogs for the Disabled’ managed to accumulate fundraising amounts of over £15,000 last year, as a way of employing the help of more dogs to be companions and helpers to those affected by a disability of some kind. The very talented and friendly dogs are frequently boarded for training by the volunteer group, with the very best treatment. This training has allowed each and every dog’s skills to blossom into something quite outstanding.

Normal tasks that appear simple to every other person are somewhat impossible for people who are tackling physical disabilities constantly. This is where the dogs come in and their training is put to good use. The dogs have so far managed to establish close bonds and partnerships with their new companions, with 575 partnerships having already been constructed.

For disabled people to live their life comfortably and embrace every moment, these unique dogs can provide a sense of independence and confidence. It is possible for each canine to open and close doors, pass things to their partners and also, pick things up should they drop on the floor. ‘Dogs for the Disabled’ are making a difference in their fundraising efforts everywhere, and continue to give dogs a new approach to life, as well as their new owners.