Dogs attacked by nude sunbather

A man from Portland, USA, accidentally found himself, his children and his two Chihuahua dogs on a nudist beach on Columbia River. He landed on the beach with his family after his raft ran ashore due to a navigation error.

According to police, the man landed inside the ‘clothing optional’ section of the beach, causing one nude sunbather to exception to his presence, and particularly that of his two dogs. The nude sunbather allegedly attacked the man, and his two Chihuahuas, using a police baton as a weapon.

The man (who requested his name be omitted from the police statement) said that his dogs ran up to the nudist sunbather, but were then hit by the startled naked man. The nudist then attacked the unfortunate rafter with a baton, and pepper spray.

Police later arrested the nude sunbather for the assault on the dogs and the rafter. He was identified as seventy-four-year-old Donald Joseph Kenney.