Dogs banned from reservoir in East Lancashire

United Utilities has banned dogs and dog walkers from walking around the Clowbridge Reservoir, in Burnley, from February 20th this year. United Utilities say that they have made repeated requests for dog owners to use the dog waste bins provided, but due to a lack of cooperation from dog owners, they have no option but to ban dog owners from the reservoir.

Dog walkers have understandably reacted angrily to the ban, particularly following recent changes meaning that car owners were charged for parking at the reservoir.

Dog owner Suzy Hardman said of the ban:

It’s ridiculous, these kind of places are very popular with people.

Where are they going to go?

Rambler John Harvey takes the other side of story, agreeing that the dog fouling has got worse of late.

The few times I’ve been here recently it has definitely got worse.

It is the irresponsible people who still won’t clean up after their dogs, which has led to this, even when there are bins provided.

The notice from United Utilities informing dog owners of the dog ban states:

Over the past few weeks it has been brought to our attention that the amount of dog fouling and associated dog disposal waste bags being left on the footpaths and in the reservoir margins, despite the installation of waste bins and a dog exercise area adjacent to the car park.

United Utilities has recently held discussions internally and has taken the decision to ban dog walking around the perimeter reservoir footpath for the benefit of employees and the visiting public, for health and safety purposes.