Dogs banned from Torbay beaches

Dog owners around Torbay can no longer take their dogs onto the beach, under penalty of a heavy fine for the duration of the summer. Starting on May 1st and running through to September 30th, anyone caught walking their dog on a beach in Torbay, even if on a lead, could be fined up to £500 for the privilege.

There are still 18 beaches in Torbay that allow dogs, but none of the main family beaches. According to the council, the dog ban is to ensure that families can enjoy Torbay’s beaches – which include some of the best in the country. By banning dogs, they ensure that the beaches stay that way.

Council member Frances Hughes commented:

“Torbay’s beaches are among the best in the country, and to make sure that they are as clean and as safe as possible during the busy summer period, dogs will be banned from ten of our beaches.”

Of the beaches in Torbay where dogs are banned, the following are now out of bounds for dog walkers:

  • Breakwater
  • Broadsands
  • Corbyn Head
  • Goodrington Sands (South)
  • Hollicombe
  • Meadfoot (South-western part)
  • Oddicombe
  • Paignton Sands
  • Preston Sands
  • Torre Abbey Sands