Dogs become part of the family

puppiesWhen any family purchases a puppy, invariably it almost immediately becomes an integral part of that household. Often treated as children or valued companions, puppies and dogs are usually lavished with an array of accessories such as dog collars, comfortable dog baskets and a range of edible treats. It is common for photographs of the family puppy or dog to appear on the walls of homes alongside the pictures of the children and other relatives.

This perpetual attachment to these family pets has always been a fact of life but in recent years the affections people hold for their canine friends has increased. In an age when families and friends can often live many miles apart, dogs and puppies can become a substitute for these absent relations.

As a constant and usually reliable companion, dogs can offer a family or single person companionship and friendship. Even for those families still living under the same roof, dogs can become important element of family politics. Dogs can offer a non judgemental silence, can usually sense any tensions or household arguments and frequently offer some comfort to those who are upset or angry.

As such, puppies and dogs are great tension relievers and many studies have shown that stroking or patting a dog can relieve stress and act in some circumstances as real pain relief. Dogs and puppies can also help young children to understand responsibility and the benefits of having routine and regular tasks.