Dogs being abandoned by Brits in Spain

The recession is biting everyone hard, and dogs in the UK are being abandoned by their owners because they can’t afford to feed them. Even some pedigree dogs are being abandoned by their owners.

The recession isn’t just affecting dogs in the UK though, as Brits living abroad are suffering from money worries and are leaving Spain, and their dogs, behind.

Dog rescue homes in the Costa del Sol have reported that numbers of dogs abandoned have doubled in the last year, with around 1,000 poor dogs being left behind. It’s the British who have been accused of being the worst for abandoning dogs, with a dog home worker branded our nation as ‘the worst culprits’.

Some dogs have even been abandoned at their homes, rather than being turned in to dog homes. Maria Stevens, dog home manager, stated:

It’s incredible. People find the time to pack up their furniture and other belongings and yet their pets’ welfare is an afterthought.

Her dog home has too many dogs already, and cannot cope with any more.

We simply don’t have the room for many more and yet they keep coming.

One dog Maria is caring for is a cocker spaniel named Sally.

She’s an absolute sweetie but she is suffering trauma after being found in the central reservation of the motorway near the airport. God knows what her owners were thinking.