Dogs can take a break in London’s first canine café

With so many people living with four-legged friends in the capital, it seems fitting that London’s very first canine cafe will soon open its doors there.

Later this year, the House of Hounds will welcome furry friends into its lair for relaxation and grooming services. While animals get treated like royalty, their owners can take a seat, sip a cup of coffee and engage in general chit-chat with other Shoreditch pet owners.

The House of Hounds will go head-to-head with its rival Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, which is set to open shortly before it. The cat cafe is predicted to open before the its canine counterpart on Bethnal Green Road.

Although very few details have been released about the House of Hounds, it will likely welcome local pet owners and animals, as well as canines from local shelters. Even fans of cats can enjoy a beverage or two at the establishment, while enjoying the company of friendly felines.

Through social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter, owners of the business hope to connect with customers on a personal level. A recent post on the company’s Facebook page said:

“We are super keen to hear from artists, sculptures and designers about all things ‘dog-tastic’.”

For sale at the cafe will be a selection of art and dog-themed items for human visitors, suggesting there will be something for everyone at this innovative business. It is due to open its doors this spring.