Dogs fall ill after discovering drug stash

A trio of dogs are fortunate to be still alive after inadvertently snorting drugs.

The three pooches encountered the stash of drugs in separate incidents in Calverley Woods, Leeds, where their owners had taken them for some exercise.

Police were alerted after the three dogs were taken to a local veterinarian within two days of each other.

Brendan Clarke, the head vet at the surgery in Tower Wood, Cookridge, described the state of the dogs when the were brought to him. He said:

“They really looked like they were stoned.

“They were off their heads on something. We have seen similar symptoms in dogs that have ingested cannabis, but nothing this severe.”

According to Mr Clarke, if a dog ingests a narcotic substance, its life is in considerable dager.

One of the unfortunate pooches was Peppa, a two-year-old Lab. Her owner, Peter Mann, had taken her for a walk along nearby Woodhall Park Avenue. 74-year-old Mr Mann said:

“Afterwards her eyes were all glassy and she was really unsteady.

“It was like she was drunk.”

When he realised that something was wrong, he rushed Peppa to a vet, where she was fed charcoal, which binds any narcotic substances to it and speeds their passage through the digestive system. Peppa was also put on a drip overnight.

Another owner of one of the affected dogs described how her pet’s situation was touch and go. The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, described how distressing the episode was for her and her pet:

“His eyes kept rolling back into his head and when he walked he couldn’t keep his feet.”

When she took her dog to the same vet, she was told that he may not make it through the night, but luckily, he recovered fully.