A London council has launched a new scheme that focuses on re-homing stray or abandoned dogs.

With help from volunteers who live in the local community, the dogs are one step closer to finding a loving home and because the pooches are each receiving a style makeover, the chances of a potential owner falling in love with them is high.

As a way of grasping the attention of pet lovers nearby, volunteers from Hackney council will be walking the dogs in the local area.

The recession has hit people hard and as a result, Hackney council is faced with rising numbers of abandoned and stray dogs. This is not the only cause of the problem though; with so many people selling and breeding dogs in a careless manner, more and more dogs are settling on the streets without a roof over their head. According to the charity All Dogs Matter, Staffordshire bull terriers are the most common breed to be abandoned and to help reverse the problem; the animals will wear jackets when on walks.

The jackets play a big role in the re-homing process, because they are designed with the dog’s names and needs written on them. Not only this, but the jackets will be complete with colour-coded leads. Potential owners can find out exactly what type of care the dogs require before they adopt, meaning that the prospect of being deserted or neglected is far lower than it might be if the owner were to adopt without learning about the animal’s requirements beforehand.