Dogs in Staffordshire participate in treadmill training

For dog owners in Stone, Staffordshire, a new opportunity has presented itself, enabling them to slim down their obese pets. Craig Flint, the owner of Quintessential Quarters boarding kennels, is fully trained in all aspects of canine behaviour. His involvement in the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers has allowed him to begin a new training regime, aimed at helping overweight dogs to lose the pounds.

Many exercises are included for all dog breeds, including treadmill workouts, which cost £9 per session. Running for a 12-week period, Mr Flint will use his knowledge surrounding behaviour and fitness to ensure that pet owners can feel confident their companions will live a longer, healthier and happier lifestyle. Speaking about the arrangement, he said:

“Exercise improves responsiveness and limits destructive behaviour problems.”

Pet owners are not the only people to put their trust in this specialist. Various vets around the area of Stone have witnessed the beneficial results this training regime that uses treadmills can bring.

With a large portion of pet owners being enticed by advertisements for dog treats and other supplements, it is possible that a lack of exercise and overindulging could lead to obesity problems. This regime will tackle this and provide canines with the chance to have regular participation in activities with other dogs, which can result in the improvement of emotional issues and muscle tone. The underlying reason for choosing a treadmill as the main piece of equipment is all down to the way it can act as a cardiovascular workout. Breathing patterns and heart rates for all dogs taking part will be regularly monitored, to ensure the sessions are working in the way they should.


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