Dogs in TV Commercials: Dog TV commercials week

Dogs are used to advertise all sorts of things – things relative to dogs like dog food and dog insurance, but also things that have nothing to do with dogs at all. They say that you should never work with animals or children, but sometimes using a dog, animal or child in an advert is more effective at getting a message across – even a serious one.

This week on Dream Dogs, we’ll be posting one of our favourite dog TV commercials each day for your enjoyment – some are funny, some are entertaining and others just make you think how great dogs trained for television and film really are.

We hope you enjoy!


  • is the dog in the travelers insurance trying to hide his bone , the same dog thats in the chef’s micheals dog food commerical?

  • the travelers insurance commerical and the chef’s micheal dog food commerical . do they use the same dog?

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