Dogs make off with £33 million worth of loot a year

A British woman has been the victim of credit card theft by the most unlikely of suspect, her pet poodle.

Wendy Cronin, of Hartlepool, was using the card to make purchases online until she got a phone call, and left the card unattended.

Dog chews furnitureWhen she came back into the room there was no sign of her credit card. Even after she had searched the house for hours there was still no sign of it, and Gilbert, her ten month old poodle, was looking very innocent.

She said:

“I was searching for at least two hours when I wondered if it had fallen on the floor and been kicked underneath the sofa.”

“I pulled the sofa back and it revealed the card all chewed up.”

“There was no point in telling Gilbert off for the crime, he had already forgotten all about it.”

“Instead I told myself off for leaving it to tempt him.”

This is not an uncommon story as dogs apparently manage to chew their way through £33 million worth of goods a year, according to a survey carried out by Bakers Complete.

TV remotes and slippers are among the most common items that are been taken, with some dogs choosing to live a more luxurious lifestyle by stealing cash and jewellery. Teachers may also not be able to punish their pupils anymore for the classic excuse of ‘the dog ate my homework’ as it has been revealed that 5% of dogs do actually steal homework. Children’s toys are high up the list, with underwear taking the top spot of items most likely to be chewed by your pet.