Dogs naturally calm nerves

With the cost of attending university due to rise, there will be yet more pressure on students to achieve the very highest grades. Some will become very nervous indeed and this will affect their performance adversely. A few may respond by taking pills, but students at the University of Arizona have found a much healthier and fairer alternative to be effective. Law students have discovered that stroking a therapy dog prior to critical examinations is beneficial.

Therapy dogs have been used in the United States for some time. However, using them at university prior to examinations other than as individual dog owners seems to be a recent innovation. A therapy dog may require excellent puppy training, but once this is done then it may have the power to change people’s lives for the better. The company and comfort a dog can provide during stressful times is remarkable.

Dogs can be more than pets. They do not have to be pedigrees to do great work, although some breeds are better equipped to do specific tasks than other breeds. However, the degree to which working dogs are used in societies is culture-dependent. It does seem that some of the inhabitants of the United States have been quicker at seeing the true potential of dogs than their European counterparts.

Staying calm is obviously important in a variety of circumstances. Dogs can be of great assistance in the cultivation of calm. Especially if combined with the use of a technique like meditation, the use of a therapy dog can prepare people very well in advance of challenging situations.