Dogs not allowed in rented accommodation

If you’re a dog owner and you’re looking to move into rented accommodation you could be in for a nasty surprise, according to the results of a recent survey by the dog charity ‘Dogs Trust charity’. They’ve found that 75% of rented accommodation forbids the tenants from keeping dogs

The Dog Trust says these findings come at a particularly bad time as recession looms its ugly head. As a result of the credit crunch, and falling house prices, many are forced to move into rented accommodation, downsize or simply sell their homes, as they cannot afford to pay them. This means that a great many dogs are being abandoned, or are given away to charities to rehome.

The Dogs Trust Charity has appealed to landlords to allow tenants to keep their dogs with them when moving into rented accommodation.

Clarissa Baldwin of the Dogs Trust stated:

Pet owners who need to rent privately are being forced to live in unsuitable properties, or rent with their pets without consent from their landlord.

We are consulting with the Association of Residential Lettings Agencies (ARLA), other professional housing bodies and letting agents to develop Lets with Pets, a UK-wide campaign encouraging landlords to accept pet-owning tenants and help owners find the elusive pet-accepting landlord.