Dogs riding quad bikes

We’ve all seen surfboarding dogs, skateboarding dogs and dogs doing ballet, but are there any dogs who crave a slightly faster speed? Maybe something powered by engines, with four wheels and the ability to go off-road?

With this burning question ringing in my ears I headed for YouTube to see if I could find any videos of dogs riding Honda quad bikes – because there’s just something funny about a dog sat on a quad bike as it speeds over the fields, or through the snow in some cases.

This first video features a Labrador taking a serene ride on a quad bike, but because of his size he is able to reach, and operate the handlebars himself.


This next video shows a much smaller dog incapable of operating the quad bike on his own, but it’s just as well because he may have decided to run over his little pal who is running alongside it. Watch a farmer having a great time doing doughnuts in the snow on his quad bike while holding a small dog (who is reportedly loving it) and while another dog looks on in envy/fear – delete as applicable.


That’s it for now for the dogs riding quad bikes – we’ll look for some more comedy dogs doing things another time.


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