Dogs role in weddings grows

dog-tuxedoIt seems a growing number of couples wish to include their dogs in their wedding, even involving them with important roles such as ring bearers.

Only the other day, we wrote an article about how Jennifer Hudson intends to have her three Pomeranian dogs at her wedding to David Otunga and one of the dogs, Oscar, will most likely be their ring bearer.

In America, the trend seems to have really taken off to the point where there is now a growing niche industry catering to making sure your dog looks his best on his owner’s special day.  There are even designer outfits available to have dogs dressed in tuxedos, as flower girls or bridesmaids and these can even be customised to match the colour for the wedding.  There are also items such as wedding doggie biscuits to present as a thank you to the dog for playing their role in the wedding.

When Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale in London she walked down the aisle with Winston, her beloved sheepdog.  However, it is certainly not just a celebrity trend.

A spokesperson for Veterinary Pet Insurance explained the growing trend to have dogs participating in wedding ceremonies:

“It’s a shift in the way people view pets.  People are incorporating pets into their lives more than ever before, taking them on trips, celebrating their pets’ birthdays.  In some cases, dogs are viewed as human members of your family, and it makes sense to include them in important milestone moments.”

42 per cent of Veterinary Pet Insurance clients have had or plan to have their pet join in their matrimonial ceremony and most of these are estimated to be dog owners.

Of course, accidents do happen but most owners know their dog well enough to know what to watch for and a nominated doggie date to take care of the dog throughout the day is a must.  Little hiccups such as eating the cake and running off with the rings have been known and couples have even given their dog fake rings just in case!