Dogs that chew: what to do

Dogs that chew everything within reach can be a problem. There are several reasons for this type of behaviour, here a few:

When he or she is left alone, they get bored just like children. So having a good chew at something is one way of passing the time, dogs don’t really care if they are chewing your new shoes or the toy you have just bought for them, as far as he or she is concerned, it is just something nice to chew.

Lack of exercise
Certain dogs will need more exercise than others, this depends on the breed, age and energy levels of your dog. Exercise should be frequent enough and be a fixed routine in your dog’s day.

Obviously this is an issue for the younger dog. Chewing relieves the pressure of the adult teeth coming through; it is also part of the dog’s learning curve for adult life. Puppies need to be able to control their bite strength, in adult life they will judge how much pressure to apply in different circumstances such as; hunting, mating, pup carrying and so on.

It could be the breed
Some breeds are more inclined to chew than others, the Labrador Retriever is a well-known offender.

Can anything change the behaviour?
Yes, training, determination and lots of patience. By observing your dog’s or puppy’s behaviour, you should be able to identify the reason for the chewing. Give your dog plenty of toys to chew on but nothing that looks like the forbidden objects. Also, don’t forget to praise good behaviour.

Don’t let your dog’s chewing become a problem, it doesn’t have to be.