Dogs train for security procedures at London Olympics

The London Olympics 2012 are fast approaching and this prestigious event will be held in the United Kingdom for the first time. The event is sure to attract millions of people far and wide, as the many competitors are preparing to battle for Britain’s victory in each sporting category. Due to the globally-watched sport event being eagerly anticipated, there has been plenty of consideration for safety and security procedures. With many flights scheduled from all corners of the world in the dates leading up to the Olympics, it is important for security to be at its highest.

Sniffer dogs are assisting with the preparations, as 71 of them from around the United Kingdom have been selected for their fantastic skills. The talents of a sniffer dog mean that they are able to detect the most subtle scents from every single person who passes through British airports. The assistance provided by these canines should make a major difference to the amount of crime taking place for the entire length of the Olympics and the various UK airports that see the most travellers pass through will be targeted.

Various illegal items will be uncovered by sniffer dogs as a way of reducing crime or illegal substance use. Illegal meat will be addressed in the procedures, as well as large amounts of money or drugs such as cocaine, cannabis and ecstasy. The skills of these dogs is expected to reduce the crime rate in the city during the London 2012 Olympic Games and, should anyone be attempting to break the law, these sniffer dogs will help to prevent them from doing so before they have a chance.