Dogs turning into TV addicts, report says

As if it wasn’t bad enough that we Brits were turning into a nation of goggle box addicts, it seems that our pet dogs are also developing square eyes.

A new study has suggested that the average dog in the UK will spend 50 minutes a day staring at the chattering cyclops that dwells within our living rooms.

The Daily Mail reports that the study names Eastenders as the favourite show amongst dogs, with Philip Schofield coming up trumps as their favourite personality on screen. Poodle-haired motoring pundit Jeremy Clarkson came in a close second.

EastendersTV shows that were very noisy were the biggest turn off for dogs, and nearly a third of all pets became noticeably excited when their favourite programme came on.

The study, which was conducted in London ahead of the switchover from old fashioned analogue TV to spanky new digital signals, concludes that dogs may find watching digital TV easier on their eyes.

The veterinary director for canine charity The Dogs Trust was quoted as saying:

“The way digital is delivered seems to make it easier for dogs to watch. We’ve thought for some time that dogs love watching telly to relax, either with their owners or by themselves.”

However, we at Dream Dogs are of the opinion that it’s much better to stimulate your pet with some exercise – slip on his dog lead, take him for a walk and play a game of fetch with him. He’ll thank you for it.

However, sometimes it’s nice to pig out on the sofa while he’s curled up in his dog basket and watch some programmes you’ll both enjoy, such as:

  1. Game for a Scratch
  2. Gnawing Me, Gnawing You with Alan Partridge
  3. The Mary Doghouse Experience
  4. Dog’s Army
  5. The Old Grey Dog Whistle Test
  6. To the Manor Bone
  7. What’s My Whine?