Dogs welcome at historic sites

Following pressure from dog owners, dogs kept on a lead are now being welcomed at 17 ancient sites in Wales.

It seems that there are so few places left now where dogs are welcomed that it is almost counter productive.  Dogs are banned from places due to poor dog control and owners that do not clean up after their dogs and yet by banning dogs there are fewer places where dogs can socialise and learn how to behave around people.

This pilot scheme is being run by historic monument agency Cadw, which stated its new dog friendly policy should:

“increase everyone’s, including pets’, enjoyment” of heritage sites.

The first sites open to dogs include:

Ewloe and Rhuddlan castles, Blaenavon ironworks, St Davids Bishop’s Palace and Caerleon Roman amphitheatre

If successful, it is hoped that other sites will join the policy.  What is an important point to note is that the sites will provide water for the dogs and also poop bags upon request, so there is no reason why dog owners shouldn’t clean up after their dogs.  Forgetting the poop bags is a common excuse, so we feel the sites just need to advertise that they do provide these.

Marilyn Lewis, director of Cadw, said:

“Dogs are great companions and often integral members of the family.  There is no reason why they should be left out when planning to explore heritage sites across Wales.”

Clarissa Baldwin, chief executive of Dogs Trust, also welcome the news and added:

“This is fantastic news for all dog owners, who will now be able to enjoy Cadw’s wonderful heritage attractions along with their four-legged friends.”

We hope many dog owners take the opportunity to get out for the day with their dogs and make sure they both control and clean up after their dogs so more schemes such as this can continue.