Dumped pregnant dog gets lucky in new musical

An English bull terrier, named Wendy, was recovered by a rescue team after she was found in the streets of Holywell, Flintshire with no place to go.

The North Clwyd Animal Rescue (NCAR) discovered the bitch, who was actually heavily pregnant at the time of the incident. The sad fact is that Wendy had been disowned by her previous owner in such a cruel manner that neither she nor her puppies had shelter, food or water. Despite this, Wendy was thankfully taken in by the animal rescue team in February, who helped her deliver her eight beautiful puppies sometime after her arrival.

It now seems that Wendy’s luck has changed as she has been given the opportunity to play a lead role in the new Oliver production. The musical will take place at Mold-based Clwyd Theatre Cymru and hundreds of people will swarm through the doors to see the five-year-old strut her stuff. The role Wendy will be playing is that of Bullseye, the dog of Bill Sykes. The news came about following a hunt for a talented, suitable pooch for the role.

Wendy was recognized by Andrew Shone, the production manager, after the North Clwyd Animal Rescue centre gathered a group of potential candidates to audition for the role. Although many of the dogs impressed, it was Wendy who really shone through. Speaking of the decision, Andrew Shone said:

“There was a mini-audition, which was judged on what the dogs looked like really, and Wendy fitted the bill perfectly.”

Now, Wendy is practicing as she prepares to participate in the musical with 83 other cast members.