Easy commands for your puppy

Your puppy is cute and cuddly but in a short time he will recognise how he or she can manipulate you.

The answer is to teach your puppy a few simple commands, so he is able to establish when you have time to play and when he has to take time out.

The first command he needs to recognise is ‘down’. When he jumps up at you or he paws at you for attention then say the command word down and then praise him as soon as he does so – even if it’s by accident!

This routine will be an easy one for him to recognise. However, it will need a little of your time and patience. Leave the room if you are stressed and try again later when you have calmed down.

Puppies love praise and attention so remember to keep the praise clear and in a friendly tone. Do not be cross if he remembers one day and forgets the next as it can upset him if he feels he is not pleasing you; puppies can be sensitive.

There may be a time when you have to be firmer and the command ‘quiet’ is appropriate.  If this occurs then use a firm deep tone and turn away at the same time as your command so he knows you mean business.